Skin whitening Tips

Homemade lotion to whighten the skin

If you notice any changes in your skin, such as the appearance of spots and freckles, there is no reason to worry, since you can treat it naturally with this effective natural lotion that can be prepared at home with very economical ingredients . the recipe that teach following is made ​​with apple cider vinegar, but it can also be replaced with lemon if you do not have this product at home. Keep in mind that if you use lemon, you should avoid exposure to the sun later as this could cause the opposite effect to what we want to achieve.

ingradiente vinegar to lotion that will eliminate freckles and blemishes

Apple cider vinegar will join with the properties of parsley to make a whitening lotion that will make it easier to eliminate freckles and dark patches of skin.

  • The parsley is a herb that contains vitamins, minerals and healthy essential oils that can help to recover the uniform skin tone.
  • In the cosmetics industry, parsley became popular due to its regenerative and bleaching properties.
  • It can also be used as a treatment to combat acne and blackheads.
  • It is used to care for the eye contour, prevent crow’s feet and dark circles.
  • It is ideal to eliminate the swelling, irritation and reddish tint, in addition to refresh and tone the skin.
  • Thanks to its content of vitamin C , parsley helps prevent premature skin aging caused by the action of free radicals throughout the body.

This lotion can be prepared very easily at home, and can be used every day to enjoy all the benefits that parsley has to offer to our skin

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